Pastoral Care

On entry, pupils are placed into a mixed-ability tutor group under the care of a Form Tutor. A clear aim of the school is to provide a warm and caring atmosphere.

Form Tutors develop close links with their pupils and in turn liaise with Pastoral Heads. There is an Induction Programme as preparation for Year 7 pupils and a Pupil Mentoring System is in place to provide pupils with support from their peers. The School also operates a House System and a well-established Merit System to reward pupil achievement.

A School Counselling Service complements the work of the pastoral staff. This offers additional personal support to students who would benefit from the opportunity to work with a professional Counsellor.

The Headteacher has overall responsibility for Looked after Children but the work is coordinated by Mrs Hayley Chucas.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We would like children to see any adult in the school as someone they can trust and bring concerns to. The staff member with formal responsibility for child protection is Mrs Hayley Chucas. Should you or your child have any concerns relating to child protection or safeguarding, please contact Mrs Chucas at the school.

Pastoral Structure

Head of Year 7 - Mr Lisa Glyn-Thomas

Head of Year 8 - Mrs Emma Barnard

Head of Year 9 - Ms Angharad Davies

Head of Middle School (Years 10 & 11) - Mrs Ayesha Rimmer

Upper School Learning Mentor (Years 12 & 13) - Mrs Leri Lloyd-Phillips

Head of Upper School (Years 12 & 13) - Mr Gareth Smith

The following Support is also offered to pupils of the school:

Careers Advisor - Angharad Williams

Youth Worker

School Counsellor

School Health Nurse