Welcome to the Welsh Baccalaureate Department

The Welsh Baccalaureate is split into two elements.

  • The first element is taught and assessed in lessons. This is called the ‘Skills Challenge Certificate’. It carries a grade with it at GCSE and A-Level and counts towards points for college and university entrance.

  • The second element is the Welsh Baccalaureate Diploma. This is made up of the graded Skills Challenge Certificate, GCSE Maths/Numeracy, GCSE English/Cymraeg and 3 other GCSEs or 2 other A-Levels.

This is a skills based qualification, with assessed work from the full two years counting towards the final grade. It is ‘universally adopted’ which means there is an expectation that all students complete the course. It is delivered and assessed at both GCSE and A-Level but to different levels and standards. There are no examinations for this at GCSE or A-Level.

Outline of the Course

There are three modules which contribute to 50% of the final mark. These are generally completed in the first year of study. These are:

  • The Community Challenge

  • The Enterprise and Employability Challenge

  • The Global Challenge

The other 50% is made up of an Individual Project where students pursue their own research in an area of interest, study or linked to a future career plan. Students are expected to plan their research, analyse data, synthesis a variety of written and numerical sources and devise conclusions against their chosen question.


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