What is ELSA?

ELSA’s are emotional literacy support assistants working in schools.


● Help children recognise, understand and manage emotions to increase success.

● Plan and deliver individual and small group support programmes.

● Receive training and supervision from Educational Psychologists.

What do ELSA’s provide for pupils?

● ELSA interventions contribute towards pupils' health and wellbeing by ensuring pupils are supported as they navigate through emotional difficulties.

● Pupils are able to develop greater self-awareness and learn to talk about their problems or worries.

● ELSA’s teach pupils how to develop coping strategies and interact more successfully with others. This allows pupils to feel better about themselves and achieve better outcomes in school.

● Positive emotions influence concentration, memory, problem solving and all learning skills.

● Positive relationships enable individuals to break out of dysfunctional patterns.

How long do sessions run for?

Sessions run for six weeks and are reviewed at the beginning and the end of the sessions. Pupils are referred for ELSA session support by their heads of year and/or teaching staff who will refer the pupil to the school’s ALNCO. From there, planned support will be put into place by the ELSA.