Welcome to the Science Department

In a world where Science is so involved in our daily lives that a knowledge of its basics is essential, we pride ourselves on providing a broad-based collection of skills and knowledge to each of our students so that they may play their part in it.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we deliver a skills based curriculum focussed on developing the essential practical, literacy and numeracy skills required to understand formal scientific ideas.

Students have a chance to explore both classical and contemporary problems and will have the chance to carry out several important investigations each year.

Key Stage 4

We currently offer:

Double Award GCSE Science

Double Award GCSE Applied Science (where necessary)

Both resulting in two grades at the end of Y11.

Key Stage 5

We offer the following options post-16:

A Level Biology

A Level Chemistry

A Level Physics

Level 3 Medical Science

Please click on the above option to find out more about the course.