Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department

Dyffryn Taf PE department empowers young people to develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and to learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles. Actively discovering a sport to enjoy and developing an aptitude for it, helps young people make informed choices about lifelong physical activity.


New Year 7 Curriculum

The new Health and Wellbeing year 7 curriculum draws on subjects and themes from PE and PSE. It includes participating in different sports and physical activities as well as helping students to develop the knowledge needed to make informed choices regarding a healthy lifestyle.

At KS3 we deliver a range of activities that are from the National Curriculum four areas of experience; Adventurous, Competitive, Creative and Health Fitness and Wellbeing.


The following two options are offered at GCSE level:


  • BTEC Sport Level 2

Through studying GCSE Physical Education and BTEC Sport learners will acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities and understand the benefits to health, fitness and well-being. Learners will develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance.

Pupils also have one hour a week of compulsory PE/Games.


The following two options are offered at A level:

These specifications have been designed to allow learners to develop an appreciation of physical education and sport in a wide range of contexts. They are designed to integrate theory and practice with an emphasis on the application of theoretical knowledge. Learners will develop an understanding of how the various theoretical concepts impact on their own performance, through the integration of theory and practice. Learners will also have the opportunity to develop an awareness of contemporary issues relevant to physical education and sport in Wales.