Welcome to the History Department

History is an exciting and stimulating subject which has something to offer all enquiring minds. It is taught by three very dynamic and experienced history teachers who all have a deep passion for the subject.

Key Stage 3

New Year 7 Curriculum

The new humanities curriculum focuses on the 4 curriculum purposes as part of the new Curriculum for Wales. Once pupils have completed a core skills unit they will then study the development of Whitland and Christmas before moving onto units such as invaders and migrants into Wales, climate and rainfall in Wales, life after death and evolution. This is an exciting, challenging, creative and rewarding curriculum and will also encompass the core school values of “we can, we care”.

Topics include Wales in the Year 1000, life in a medieval town, the Battle of Hastings, the Black Death, Henry VIII, Edward VI and Bloody Mary, Elizabeth, The English Civil War, The Slave Trade, Industrial Revolution and World War 1.

Key Stage 4

GCSE history builds on the experience and skills acquired at Key Stage 3.

The topics we study include:

  • Depression, War and Recovery 1930 - 1951

  • Germany in Transition 1919 - 1939

  • Changes in Crime and Punishment c.1500 to the present day

  • The current coursework unit is on Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Campaign in America during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

To find out more about the GCSE History course, please click here.

Key Stage 5

The following option is offered at A-Level:

A Level Studies include: Politics and Protest 1780-1880, Weimar and Challenges 1918-33, Nazi Germany 1933-1945 and Social Change in Britain from 1880 to 1990 .

In year 13 there is a piece of coursework which is an independent piece of work and is worth 20% of the final grade.

A significant number of our students continue their studies at Advanced and then go on to pursue it at Degree level.

Extra Curricular

  • Every year two History students have the opportunity of visiting Auschwitz as part of a study visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

  • In 2018 a Year 8 pupils Tudor day was organised in association with St Davids Cathedral. The day was very well received by pupils and it is hoped that this could become an annual event.

  • Remembrance Exhibition in Whitland.