School Uniform

Our School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory and contributes towards a neat and tidy appearance. This is a source of pride and identification and encourages sensible behaviour. Denim jackets or jeans are not allowed under any circumstances. Footwear should be all black and suitable for school. Leather or leather look with no excessive branding. No jewellery is allowed. No make up is allowed including false nails/acrylic nails/nail varnish. One pair of single studs is permitted when pupils have pierced ears. We do not allow any facial or body piercings.

All pupils - Light blue shirt or blouse (not denim) and white shirt or blouse for Sixth Formers; Trousers – Dark/Charcoal grey and black for Sixth Formers (sixth formers may wear a plain black skirt). Navy/Black socks.

Jumper – V-necked navy jumper & School badge; Fine knit V-necked black jumper with no school badge for Sixth Formers.

Years 7-11: Trousers only - No skirts allowed

Uniform Guidance

Pupil voice uniform for September 2019

Years 7 - 11

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Sixth Form

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  • Coats may be any colour as long as they are weather proof and suitable for school.

  • Footwear must be black and heels must not exceed 3cm.

  • Sweatshirts and hooded tops will not be allowed.

  • All pupils are expected to wear the school tie which will be properly looked after and worn correctly.

  • School sweaters (with badge) are compulsory.

  • In the summer term navy polo shirts carrying the school badge may be worn.

  • All garments should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

  • No eccentric hairstyles or colours will be permitted. Pupils must be clean shaven. Long hair should be tied back for practical lessons.

The above are available from: Evans and Wilkins - Carmarthen and Revelation Clothing - Narberth.