Welcome to the Art Department

The Department aims to give pupils the opportunity to research their own environment, culture and history, as well as that of others and support the development of skills in communication, developing aesthetic and appreciative senses, self-expression and decision-making. In Art, pupils use a wide variety of materials in 2 and 3D and explore ideas for outcomes through discussion and problem solving.

Key Stage 3

New Year 7 Curriculum

The New Curriculum in Art will allow pupils in Year 7 to develop their creative skills in both 2 & 3 Dimensions where they will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with colour and pattern using a variety of techniques and processes. This will be developed through a cross-curricular project with Music and Drama, culminating in a performance and exhibition of their work at the end of the year. Our aim as a Department is to encourage pupils’ independent thinking and problem solving skills through their practical and creative work and to inspire pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Art so that they experience success and enjoyment in producing their own artwork.

Pupils work within sketchbooks and here they develop ideas and explore material skills for their units of work, both individually and in groups. Drawing is also an important part of the work we do at all Key Stages, as it enables pupils to develop their observations and ideas. This is embedded at Key Stage 3, as is research about the work of other Artists and supports material development and final project outcomes.

Key Stage 4

The following two options are offered at GCSE level:

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Entry Pathways Creative Media and Performance Arts, specialising in Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting and Drawing and Photography. Pupils taking this course can achieve an Award, Certificate or Diploma in Creative Media and Performance Arts.

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Key Stage 5

The following options are offered at A-Level:

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Extra Curricular

After school Art Club:

After school Art sessions are offered to pupils at Key Stage 4 and 5 every Wednesday from 3:30pm – 5PM. This is extended in the Spring Term to Tuesdays and Wednesdays to coincide with External Exam preparation time for GCSE and A’ Level courses.

After school Art is offered to Key Stage 3 pupils from May onwards.

Lunch time Art:

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their studies during their lunchtime or use it as catch-up time or to complete their homework tasks with their Art teacher on a daily basis.

Visiting Artists:

We regularly have visits from local artists to inspire our pupils. Keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates.


The Art Department has previously exhibited pupils’ work in the Art College in Carmarthen and more recently, Span Arts, Narberth, regularly showcases pupils’ project work in school.